Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Form-Based Authentication for J2EE application, Netpoint/Oblix/CoreId/Oracle Access Manager, logon second time does not work

A customer of mine was using form based authetication with Oracle Access Manager. When the users logged in for the first time through the login.html screen everyting was ok. But when they logged out and tried to login again the form was not working anymore.

We used the logout.html code from the installation directory of the webgate. After some investigation we found out that the problem was that the registration of the webgates and access gates had different values for the cookie settings.

Primary HTTP Cookie Domain [hostname]
Preferred HTTP Host [virtual hostname]

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  1. We all are very well aware of how important authentication is? The same case is with J2EE.This post simply gives you idea about form based authentication in J2EE. I like your work. I want you to give a detailed description. Thanks.