Thursday, November 26, 2009

ESB cluster: both ESBDT instances up.

In the documentation of the clustering is described that the opmn.xml must be changed.

The oc4j_esbdt container should look like:

<process-type id="OC4J_ESBDT" module-id="OC4J" service-failover="1" status="enabled">

And the numprocs entry should be removed:

<process-set id="default_group"/>

This change will still make it possible to have two esbdt applications live at the same time.

There must be made another change:
service-weight="value" should be added athe the process-type.

<process-type id="OC4J_ESBDT" module-id="OC4J" service-failover="1" service-weight="100" status="enabled">

The instances that run the actual service-failover processes are selected based upon the configured (or default) service-weight value. Instances with higher weights are selected over instances with lower weights.

The expected behavior is that upon startup (opmnctl startall) both ESB-DT instances will startup; however after a very short period of time the OPMN will shutdown the less weighted instance and it will keep running only the higher weighted one.

See metalink note: 733536.1

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  2. this did not solve my issue. Node 1 fails over correctly but Node 2 does not. Any ideas?

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