Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oracle Application Server 10.1.3 Associate OID with OC4J instance

In the EM console of the Oracle Application Server you can connect an OID to an OC4J instance by doing the following:

Click on an oc4j instance - Click on link Administration: Under security you will find Identity Management.

This text is shown:

You can associate an installed Oracle Internet Directory with this OC4J instance. You can then choose to use this Oracle Internet Directory for runtime authentication and authorization for deployed applications.

I assumed that this means that you can associate multiple OID's to different OC4J instances but this is not true. When you change the OID here, it wil change the OID for all OC4J instances on this application server.

When you want to user different OID's for different applications you should put this in the orion-application.xml file of the application.

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  1. Hi.
    This post saved me from losing my mind while configuring multiple OID's to different OC4J instances. But...
    orion-application.xml? I believe that configuring this file is not enough to make it work...

  2. Thanks a ton for your information on OID which was very helpful and saved by lot of time and energy.Your other articles are also quite informative.I am a regular visitor of this site.