Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Login Error with error message, Form-Based Authentication for Netpoint/Oblix/CoreId/Oracle Access Manager

When the login of Form-Based Authentication fails because the username/password combination is not correct. The default behavior is the serve the login html page.

But you want to give an error on this page. This can be achieved by putting an Redirection URL with an parameter in the link like this:

This should be done in the policy manager:
Default rules - Authentication Rule - Actions - Authentication Failure - Redirection URL.

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  1. Yes, thats helpful.

  2. If you can give example of one simple url being protected, that would be good. for example

    /sso/ -protected
    /sso/*.gif – unprotected
    headers variable shown by the simple protected file inside /sso
    http basic and form base both.

    I am trying above for last one week but somehow headers are not getting populated. I tried in debug mode and webgate shows the it received the headers. I even open ticket on metalink but i didnt get very got response.

  3. Thanks for direction. That post has actually has confused me immensly.
    Why do I need to oc4j? I dont think its required to be use with oam. Can you please why you used oc4j whenever you get time.

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  5. Its good to find this. but is rerouting the only possible way of showing the error?

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