Wednesday, January 22, 2014

jboss EAP 6.2.0 Remote JMX monitoring in domain mode

In the domain.xml of the domain controller the profile of the server should contain the following:


On the host which runs the server a application user must be created with $JBOSS_HOME/bin/

The JMX port is defined in the socket-binding-group. For example if standard sockets is used than the jmx port is 4447. And with the port-offset it is possible to define differt ports for every server.

And now comes the trick. Install a jboss server on your machine with the same version. In the $JBOSS_HOME/bin there is an script this script sets the right environment for jconsole (jars).

If jconsole is started the connection can be made:


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  1. I have two machine, one is a domain controller and other is host controller (HC). On HC I have two server, I want to monitoring via JConsole, this server, so i create an application user HC decomment this line:

    on domain.xml (HC)
    but when I connect from my client to HC via VisualVM o Jconsole, don't work for me.
    Have any idea? Thanks

  2. please, can you rewrite what should contain the domain.xml. I can't see it. Thanks

  3. Did you find an answer ? I am trying to connect my application deployed in jboss 6.2 in remote server from my local. not able to success using jconsole or visualVM.

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