Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oracle Application Server oidldapd process, high load on server

On the production environment of the customer there was a problem that the servers sometimes did not respond on anything anymore. The oidldapd process was consuming 100% CPU and the load on the servers was very high (100+). The only thing we could do was an hard reboot of the server.

We solved this issue bij tuning the OID. We replaced the default index by a bitmap index:

To recreate the ei_attrstore index perform the following steps:

a. Use sqlplus to connect to the OID database as user "ods" or connect as system and set the schema to ods, e.g.

$ sqlplus system/
SQL> alter session set current_schema=ods;

b. Drop the existing ei_attrstore index:

SQL> drop index ei_attrstore;

c. Recreate the ei_attrstore index:

SQL> create bitmap index ei_attrstore on ds_attrstore(entryid, attrname) tablespace olts_attrstore nologging compute statistics;

SQL> alter index ei_attrstore noparallel;

And we changed the configset0

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ldapmodify -h [SERVERNAME] -p [PORT] -D cn=orcladmin -w [PASSWORD] -v <<EOF
dn: cn=configset0,cn=osdldapd,cn=subconfigsubentry
changetype: modify
replace: orclmaxcc
orclmaxcc: 10
replace: orclserverproces
orclserverprocs: 2

After these changes the oidldapd did not have the strange behavior anymore.

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  1. I am curious what led you to that solution?