Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ldap_Search: DSA Is Unwilling To Perform

Today I wanted to make an shell script that checks if an attribute of an user in the OID had a specific value. I tried to make an ldapsearch statement but it failed with the error:

DSA Is Unwilling To Perform
ldap_search: additional info: Function Not Implemented

I found out that it is not possible to search on an uncataloged (unindexed) attribute.

This can be fixed by:

Create an index on the attribute used in the search using catalog.

For this example:
$ORACLE_HOME/ldap/bin/catalog connect="[ORACLE_SID_METADATA REPOSITORY]" add=true attribute="[SEARCH ATTRIBUTE]"

This tool can only be executed if you know database user password for OID
Enter OID Password ::

Password of het orcladmin user should be entered now!

Restart the OID server.

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  1. Nice post !
    I was facing the same problem while search in PL/SQL code.
    I found ur blog after resolving the issue.
    It could have saved me 1 hour.

  2. Just what I need - thanks!

  3. Thanks! ur post helped me out a lot

  4. Any changes to be made on shell script please post here. The only way I know is by creating a Index

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